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Simplihire provides immediate instant joining professionals.

We are offering recruitment and HR services, our core expertise in IT recruitments with fundamental of immediate joining professionals.

Assessment of Needs

Assessment of Needs

To meet our clients needs and reach the ideal candidate we need an in-depth understanding of the position requirements and of the hiring process. Our recruitment specialists prepare detailed job descriptions and document the clients hiring process, with all interviewing parties and the reporting manager.

For the position requirements and the hiring process, we consider factors such as:

  • What is your hiring processes and your company's standard procedure?
  • What is your compensation plan, benefits, training and career path?
  • How many interview(s) are required and with whom?
  • What is expected from the candidate at each interview?
  • Are there any tests?
  • What type of person do you really want?
  • What are the main functional tasks of this position?
  • What are the two or three characteristics that your company feels are unique to the position?

To better understand our client's corporate culture, we will ask detailed information to assess their company's strength and weaknesses such as: What makes your firm a great place to work?

  • If you could describe your corporate culture in three words what would you say?
  • What kinds of professional development do employees have access to?
  • What kind of rewards (other than remuneration) does the company provide?
  • What kind of employee achievements is recognized by the company?
Sourcing and Qualifying

Sourcing & Qualifying

A successful search like a good marriage requires full disclosure to ensure a long lasting relationship. To provide the ideal short list, screened candidates are given a full description of your requirements and details of the opportunity. We then determine suitability, proven related experience, interest level, career path consistency, and compensation level. We focus on candidates that want to stay and help build your company and further its goals.

We are consistent in our searches providing our clients top notch candidates - from entry-level positions to senior executives. We utilize the reach of the internet, a range of sourcing tools and our extensive network to source candidates both locally and globally and pinpoint those professionals who match the criteria of each vacancy.

Our goal is to assess our clients staffing needs and deliver the best-suited candidate possible. If everything fits, we move on to the next step with a short-list of candidates.



We understand you want to meet only the appropriate candidates. With the candidates approval the resume is sent to you, followed by a telephone conversation to discuss the highlights of the candidate's career, and to provide any information about the candidate not disclosed in the resume. With your go ahead, a meeting will be arranged between you and the candidate.

Successful Placement

Successful Placement

The journey is almost complete! Prior to making an offer, our consultants conduct reference checks. If everything checks out, the IMS Group will present the offer and prepare all the related paperwork. Once the candidate signs, we will provide you with all the signed documentation. With are unique and proven process, our success rate of accepted first offers is far greater than of our competitors.

Recruitment Services


HR Services

Onboarding & Induction

- Employee Induction
- Mentoring System Management
- Induction Feedback Gethering
- Follow-up Induction

Performance Management

- Rewards & Recognition
- Performance & Productivity

Compensation Strategy

- Compensation Structure
- Salary Band
- Perks & Incentives
- Appraisal Discussion

Employee Engagement

- Employee Relations Management
- Fun Activities
- Communication
- Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Administrative Process

- Attendance Analysis
- HR Reporting
- Quality Audits

Exit Management

- Exit Interviews
- Exits Analysis
- Exits Trends Reporting

Work Force Automation & Policies

- HR Process Design
- HR Automation
- Policy Management

Training & Development

- Soft Skills Training
- Personality Development
- Time Management
- Creative Thinking

Assessment Test

- Psychometric Test
- Skill Based

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